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Trailer Wars; Why this non-Trekkie is excited!

I feel that I must start out this, my first post, with a secret and a promise. My secret is that I have never watched any Star Trek movie or television show other than the most recent reboot of the franchise by JJ Abrams. And I have no plans to. My promise is that I will never pretend to be more knowledgable than I actually am nor more correct in my assessment or critique of this or any other franchise. I come in as a fan. A fan of movies, of bad ass action sequences, good effects and great acting. Of heartwrenching scores, complex heroes and even more complex villains. My knowledge comes from years and years of endless hours with my eyes glued to a screen watching movies and shows and learning all I can about what is going on in good old Hollywoodland. My opinion is just that, MINE and  ask only that you accept it as thus. Don’t tell me I’m wrong and I will try not to do the same to you. And with that out of the way…..

Star Trek Into Darkness looks like one hell of a ride. As someone who has been waiting for the sequel to come out ever since the second I walked out of the first one 3.5 years ago this trailer gets me excited. Its got everything you need without giving anything, (and I really do mean ANYTHING), away about the film. Glimpse at all our favorite Enterprise crew members? Check. Awesome otherworldly locales? Check. A possible new love interest for our favorite captain? A possible check because, again, I have no information about Alice Eve’s character. And most importantly, a look at Benedict Cumberbatch, our awesomely BADASS looking villain. We still aren’t sure who he is playing (it’s rumored he;s Khan) but if you’re like me, it really doesn’t matter. With JJ, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman at the helm, I know they’re steering this ship in just the right direction. And with this trailer, I am given just enough to satisfy my curiosity and wet my appetite for another 5 months of waiting.


One thought on “Trailer Wars; Why this non-Trekkie is excited!

  1. As another non-Trekkie who has only seen the first JJ film and nothing else, the trailer is definitely a plus for me too. That’s what’s great about this new franchise (or arguably terribly detrimental?) – it’s making Star Trek universal for a new generation. Though on the downside, it’s been so damn long since the last movie that I kind of forgot all about it and how much I enjoyed it.

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