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Video: The First Out of the Gate in 2012 Retrospective Mashups

It’s that time of year again. Eva’s in a state of depression at facing five weeks of television winter hiatuses, every Oscar blogger I follow on twitter is fighting with one another, I only eat various kinds of squashes and my alcohol must be served hot, and…the 2012 in film retrospectives start to pop up all over Youtube.

And since Youtube is my job, I found the first! Or one of the first, and dare I say sure to be one of the best? After the third or fourth I’m pretty sure everyone will want to drown themselves in their eggnog when Tom Hanks’ Cloud Atlas monologue transitions into the “meaningful and deep” section of the video. The guns have already had their time during minute two.

There’s a lot to be said for first out of the gate. No one’s tired yet, everything is new and in beautiful, beautiful 1080p. I promise I won’t post all of them, the quality and the semi-non-jarring song and mood transitions roped me into posting this novelty.


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