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Review; Silly Rabbit, Animation Isn’t Just For Kids

I first must admit that I am only a recent animated movie convert. I used to believe that the golden age of animated movies died after Mulan and Toy Story and nothing could convince me otherwise. However, in walks my roommate Allie, who loves art history, Harry Potter and works at Citi Bank who also, you guessed it, LOVES animated movies. Since living with her I think I might have watched, both in theaters and at home, just as many animated movies as live actions ones. (Ok that’s an exaggeration but it makes my point).

Recently we had a double feature Friday night out (Yea that’s right, that’s how I like to spend my Friday nights) watching Wreck-It Ralph and Rise of the Guardians. Both of which I must give my stamp of approval to.

Wreck-It Ralph, voiced most notably by John C. Reilly, Jane Lynch, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer and Alan Tudyk (compulsory Firefly shout out) is heartfelt, hilarious and one of the most clever and clearly thought out original movie ideas I have seen in a while. The avatars in the arcade game become real characters who just want to be loved and fit in, just like the rest of us. The incorporation of classic and original arcade games makes it both easily accessible to the tiny humans while also giving us older viewers a sense of nostalgia and rediscovering. Highlight, where do you go if you’re a villain and feeling lonely, why Bad-Anon of course.

As for my second film of the night, Rise of the Guardians, I must say it is one of my favorite holiday movies, animated or not. Probably mostly because it is not actually a holiday movie. Sure you’ve got Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny in there, but Santa is Russian with huge “Naughty” and “Nice” tattoos and the Bunny has got some serious

 ‘tude (and Hugh Jackman’s sexy voice). The fight against Pitch, the embodiment of nightmares (voiced by a chilling Jude Law), forces Jack Frost (Chris Pine) to live up to his potential, fight with the other Guardians and finally (tear) be believed in. The silent Sandman who is most adorable however, and my favorite one of all. Pay attention to how much he loves riding in Santa’s Sleigh!

Now for my totally irrational grading….

Wreck-It Ralph: E-for the Extra levels earned by the creative team behind it

Rise of the Guardians: S-for making an old Grinch like me actually get into the holiday Spirit


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