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Recap; This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Huck

Scandal  Season 2, Episode 9 “Blown Away”

WARNING: As always, this recap contains SPOILERS

This show puts me in the awkward position of rooting for the bad guys. Or at least the guys who are doing bad in order to do good. And in this episode, we see some of it coming back to bite them in the ass. “President Langston”, whose moral superiority complex I just cannot stand (though Kate Burton does a fantastic job playing her), gets played by Hollis, tries to blackmails Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton into retiring and all around seems to be taking advantage of a presidency that doesn’t belong to her.

Speaking of blackmail, Verna turns it right back on Langston, betraying Olivia and Huck in order to keep her seat. Got to wonder what this will do to the Gang of 5. It seems they can no longer trust one another….

But this episode belongs most solidly to Huck, who is  framed for President Grants’ assassination attempt. By his girlfriend Becky no less (who then goes on to kill his “family”!!!). Guillermo Diaz steals just about every scene he is in with his clearly, barely contained murderous urges and need to simply feel normal and fit in. And though he is in rather a bit of a pickle now (see promo below) I have no doubt that he’ll be back. Or at least I am desperately hoping.

Elsewhere, James proves that he just may be the most underrated devious person on this show; Olivia tries to soldier on while hiding her grief; Harrison takes on even more of a leadership role at Olivia and Associates (he ordered Olivia around!); the once fun Quinn continues to be annoying and unhelpful…. and Abby and David have one of the strangest sexual encounters I think I have ever seen on television. Really, what was that?

Favorite Moment of the episode: James and David discuss the conspiracy for the presidency where? In a baby store (ingenious). When asked if his husband Cyrus is aware of James’s investigation, James’s reply;  “”He offered me a baby. He hates babies. So he knows”. Perfection

Did you enjoy this episode as much as I did? Are you barely containing yourself because of your need to see more Olivia/Fitz scenes, even if they must, for now, be flashbacks? I’d love to know. And here’s your promo for 2×10 “One for the Dog” 


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