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Recap: The Vampire Diaries’ Un-Merriest of Christmases

Eva and Erin weigh in on the mid-season finale of The Vampire Diaries. Beware, we’re fangirls first, trying to be legitimate recappers. We both share our two cents on various plot points or developments from the episode. But first:

Eva’s Favorite Quote of the Night:

“Caroline’s been lovely which I’ve come to recognize as a tool of distraction”-Klaus

Erin’s Favorite Quote of the Night:

“What do you want from me, a secret brotherhood handshake?” -Klaus to Stefan 

This episode we saw Damon and Elena reeling from the sire bond revelation and interacting in a much quieter and…less steamy way than the last two episodes. What did you make of them this episode?

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 8.58.29 PM
As a fan of the Damon/Elena relationship, it was extremely gratifying to see them FINALLY get a little hot and heavy the last couple episodes. And while they are less intimate here, it just proves what I, and many a Delena fan have known; these two characters have chemistry in spades. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing or even if they’re in the same room. This episode showed us what they can be like on a regular basis IF (and I really want it to be WHEN) they get past the the sire bond ordeal.

Erin: Last episode ended with Elena fighting Damon as he was about to let her go, and I thought the change in mood this episode was certainly more melancholy, more calm as the dust settled around them. Though the episode ended with Damon finally doing what he knew he had to and telling her to leave, I really loved the little moments in which Elena was really trying to show him that her feelings were real and that she wanted no one but him. When she sheepishly held a mistletoe over their heads I swooned. Must she be so cute while Damon is fighting an inner war with himself? And in the end the good in him won out. I liked this side of Damon and Elena. The softer, more cuddly side. This relationship has range, which is what makes it so easy to get invested. But oh, the aaaaangst.

Tyler was pitted as king Alpha and against the rest of the group, only to have been epically played by Hayley. What’s next for him? (Especially considering the final scene)

4x09_007Eva: I think Tyler has started his own downward spiral into darkness and dastardly deeds that many of our TVD favorites have traveled down. It may have just been me, but I feel like in this episode we saw him start to dress the part of an Alpha; all black, sharp clothes, and he was really starting to fit himself into that role. Now that he is packless and knowing the part he played in their deaths, AND lets not forget the death of his mom, I don’t see a lot of bright lights and happy moments in his immediate future. PS: Looks like we’ve gotten another orphan in town.

Erin: Ugh, Tyler, go away already. Don’t you know you’re a supporting character on this show? Stop trying to play the lead. Ok, I know Tyler’s hybrid cause is valiant and noble and he cares a super lot for it, more than the Elena-needs-to-be-human-again-omgzz cause and I commend him for that. But when his main objective is to take out Klaus and he’s terrible to Caroline in the process, no thank you. But then of course the show played me…and Tyler for the fools we are and proved to him that no, Tyler, you don’t get to be a leader or a hero. You get to have your best friend betray you, your followers who trusted you slaughtered and your mother killed. And now I’m sad.

4x09_005Let’s skip the annoying Stefan and Caroline hate Delena together angle and go right to their feeling bad for Klaus and finally bringing up the amorality of all of them. Will their softer side for Klaus last after they learned of his holiday slaughter?

Eva: Stefan and Caroline have been making me feel almost bipolar lately. As always their friendship has been amusing and adorable but I can’t stand Stefan’s hypocritical feelings about Damon and Elena nor Caroline’s superiority complex with them. I’m sorry, I just can’t completely put that aside. However them realizing just how hypocritical they are about Klaus was an amazing and long overdue moment. What would any of them be like if they were alone in the world? If they didn’t constantly have 10 people ready to back up every good AND bad thing they’ve ever done? As what happens too often with these kinds of deep realizations, I don’t think it’s going to last long. But at least they had that one bright shining moment.

Erin: For a second there I thought all of my dreams were coming true. My God, this is it, Stefan, Caroline and Klaus are going to fall in love and live the Design For Living threesome life they were always meant to! ….and then Klaus killed thirteen people, including Caroline’s boyfriend’s mother and my dreams were dashed because Caroline and Stefan will not be feeling sorry for Klaus in five weeks (unfortunately because I sure do). However, I was over the moon at the fact that Stefan brought up the one thing I’ve been saying for three seasons; that there is no good or evil on this show. Everyone is just as terrible and can be just as noble in their actions as the next hot vampire in town. The difference is loyalty. The difference is perspective. I love that about this show. There is no objective right or wrong, just subjective and that’s awesome.

And going off of that, how about that eerily terrifying yet equally sad scene where Klaus just fucking kills everybody? And to the tune of Christmas songs no less. Wow.

Eva: Honestly, all I have to say about that is it was awesome. I love when a show or movie takes an innocent song and totally turns it on us (“Singing in the Rain” in , Enya’s “Orinoco Flow” in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). Call it the sicker side of me coming out, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Erin: I’m in total agreement with Eva regarding the music choices this episode. Music on the show is always well chosen to the mood and scenario it’s playing over. So when I heard the renditions of classic Christmas songs playing over Klaus’ slaughter, I totally dug it. I mean I can still hear the faaaaaall on your kneeeeeeees as he methodically kills the only beings that he thought would never leave him. The music created the perfect tone of terrifyingly sick and really damn depressing. I have never felt Klaus’ loneliness and sadness more than in this episode. So kudos to the entire Vampire Diaries team for making me forget I’m watching a teen show on the CW, because that shit was art. It’s completely wrong that all I wanted to do was give him a big fat hug and tell him I love him even as he was drowning Carol Lockwood in the fountain, right?

Bonus: Because it’s too good not to.

And how about the new kids on the block? What’s going on with this April chick? And Professor Shane? He seems so earnest….and yet….

Eva: I have learned , like Damon and Matt, that no one ever comes to Mystic Falls with pure intentions. Everyone’s got a hidden agenda. Professor Shane’s is starting to becomes clear. We’ve already seen he knows more than he lets on. But as to what else he’s hiding? I have a feeling he is either A) older than he appears or B) has a LONG family history. As for April, I would like to believe someone is that naive and innocent, and she very well may have started out that way, but I see darkness in her future.

Erin: Zzzzzz….oh, this show has plot I’m supposed to care about? Huh. Well to be fair, I’ve essentially ignored Professor Shane up until this episode, but he had my attention at the cabin for some reason. He plays earnest really well, but also plays duplicitous really well. As a common member of the why doesn’t everyone realize Damon is always right? club, I’m guessing Damon’ right. And that Eva’s right. He’s either aged really well or like everyone, can trace his family tree to the dark ages. I could never be on this show, I can only get as far as my great great grandfather.

Overall, how was The Vampire Diaries’ first Christmas themed episode? And where did it leave us going into the hiatus?

4x09_002Eva: It left me, as always, feeling like I’ll never be able to make it to the next episode. There was just enough Christmas for it to be a holiday episode but not so much I wanted to go strangle a reindeer. (And once again I am forced to wonder “Are there ANY jews on television”?). The Delena fan in me is dying to see their next step. How is Klaus going to feel about being betrayed AGAIN? What evil deed did Professor Shane need those 12 deaths for? And will I EVER like Bonnie? 34 days and counting…

Erin: After I’d finished the episode I told Eva that it was the un-merriest of Christmas episodes I’d ever seen. There was no fluff for us. Instead a shut-down mistletoe kiss and a Christmas slaughter. It left me with zero warm and fuzzies and all angst. Damon and Elena are apart, Stefan is upset, Klaus is upset, Tyler will be upset, everyone will jump back on the Klaus is Evil bandwagon despite the breakthrough. I’d say all in all it was a great Christmas episode! And a perfect setup for the hiatus. Oh! And how could we forget, Jeremy doesn’t want to kill Elena anymore. Or…he wants to but he just diverts to his love for Bonnie now? I didn’t exactly follow but whatever, yay! Since it was the only good news to come from this episode. Until mid January, kids. Adieu.

Here’s the 4×10 promo, “After School Special” to hold you over….for. so. long. oh. god. 

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