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Homeland 2×12 Recap: ‘Dude Where’s My Car?’


Me going into the episode

I feel compelled to preface this recap by saying that to me, this season of Homeland began with a bang and just kept on running, but by the time the Brody and Carrie trust-me-but-I-don’t-trust-you romance was in full swing again I was oddly frustrated. It weighed down the speed of the show and while I know it’s always been high on emotion, I felt it plummeting towards melodrama. Needless to say, I was a little wary of the season finale after the promo aired, saturated in Brody and Carrie cabin lovin’.

Holy shit was I wrong.

Of course, the episode took off with Brody and Carrie almost awkwardly enjoying themselves without secrecy or hidden agendas. It was nice, if not a little uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed the Brody/Carrie saga thoroughly, but only while it’s been shrouded in duplicity and questionable intentions. I’ve been feeling the Quinn and Carrie tension more this season actually. Just me? Hmmm. Well, speaking of, Quinn went all black-ops sexy and followed the lovebirds to the cabin. He crunched around in the woods with a rifle and ate beans out of a can and looked forlornly into the window as they got it on because he either a) wants Carrie b) is cold and hungry or c) we’ll get to that later on.


one of the three wise men

Carrie and Brody have the what-are-we talk and it comes down to the choices of choices. Brody’s chillin’ while Carrie would have to choose between him and the CIA. If you watch this show, you know that these two things make up Carrie’s entire life now that Abu Nazir is dead. Ugh, the feminist in me immediately started screaming. It better be the CIA.

Let’s see, elsewhere, Saul is still in lockdown at Langley and is a very messy and disorganized snacker it seems. He’s still royally pissed at Estes and I was still royally confused as to how anything Saul says could ever be labeled “crazy” because he is a wise wise man.

Oh and Jessica starts piling all of Brody’s clothes on the floor.

Aaaaand back at the cabin, Brody makes it clear he’s only okay if Carrie leaves to fetch croissants and everyone’s radar starts flipping out because this is when Quinn kills Brody! Brody ambles down the water with a blanket to pray and Quinn sets up his shot. But everyone knows that you can’t gun someone down from behind while he’s praying, right? Right?! Turns outwho knows because Carrie comes back, searches the house for Brody, it gets all tense, but it’s cool because he’s just putting his boots on on the back porch.


he’s batman

What the hell Quinn?! Everyone, including Estes, says. Quinn shows up creepily sitting in Estes bedroom to tell him that the job isn’t done. Because he’s black ops. And he’s not playing some analyst game no mo’. Anyway, Quinn calmly recounts that Brody did everything right, helped them get Nazir, is going to resign from Congress and is all-in-all not a threat to the nation any longer. He’s not a bad guy, and Quinn only kills bad guys. Wait, is this dude a super hero? Estes, being the Alpha male of the show, is not pleased, and also has the entire resources of the CIA and probably more Black Ops under his thumb. To which Quinn retorts that if anything happens to Brody he’ll wind up in Estes bedroom again one night, “’Cause I’m the guy that kills bad guys.” And then I immediately tweeted: FUCK YEAH PETER QUINN. He is a super hero.


they fight. they love. (not that way)

Let makeshift Act Two commence! Saul is let out of Langley lockdown and meets up with Carrie. Saul tells her she’s on her way to being a station chief but her hesitation pisses him off, as does anything Brody related. (Wait hold up I forgot to add that Quinn told Estes that Carrie was the best field agent he’s ever seen. Sweet sweet validation!) Back to Saul and Carrie, they exchanged a heated dialogue in which Saul tells her she’s the smartest and the dumbest fuckin’ person he’s ever known and Carrie rips into his forever alone status. These two and their simultaneously vicious and lovely father/daughter relationship. Jesus.

Brody goes home to put on a suit for the Vice President’s memorial at Langley later that day (awkward) and encounters a moping Dana. Now, I know the internet and the universe love to make fun of and/or hate Dana for her whiny, angsty teenage melancholy, but I’m a full on Dana supporter, sorry to say. There will be no sass from me here. Think about it, her entire life has been turned upside down this season. She saw her father go from her champion to the shadiest, most neglectful stereotype an absentee father could be. She grew closer to her mother whom she once hated, saw a potential budding romance crash and burn (literally) when Finn’s content of character left more to be desired. All she wanted to do was do the right thing after finding herself an accessory to a hit and run, and she soon found that the political system she’s so close to wouldn’t allow her to do so. She’s a sixteen year old girl who is beyond her years and came to realize the dark and painful truths of the inner workings of her society. Rough, man.


mah gurl Dana

So! Needless to say I really loved her scene with Brody as he was getting dressed. It was a lovely juxtaposition to last year when he was strapping a bomb to his chest and locked her on the other side of the door. And yes, Dana walking away upset when Brody tried to tell her about that day was warranted, people! Sorry but Dana is such a bitch does not apply when she’s upset that her Dad actually did turn out to be a terrorist. Go figure.

Phew. Okay, back at Langley, Estes says a lot of bullshit about the Vice President that no one was listening to. It was intercut with Saul’s attendance at Abu Nazir’s funeral upon a Naval ship and that was pretty cool. Carrie and Brody made inappropriate moon eyes at each other which was weird, considering they both know that Brody facilitated the dude’s death.

Even more inappropriately, they both leave the memorial service and head up to an office where Carrie tells him that she’s choosing him over the job (cue my furious rage). Before they get down to business, Brody sees his car through the window and, colored by confusion, remarks that someone moved his car.



suspicious Carrie is the best Carrie

Carrie recovers from the blast with her don’t trust Brody glasses back on, yay! But this time it’s obvious to everyone that he isn’t lying. It takes a bit to calm Carrie down and convince her, but the second he does she knows that no one else will believe him. So Carrie leads the way and totally goes rogue! I mean, as rogue as it gets. Homegirl has a storage unit under like three locked doors and a chest with stacks of money, a fake passport, driver’s license etc. and reveals that she has a highly specific escape-from-the-country plan in place.

While they’re on the run the fallout from the blast unravels, and honestly it was really chilling. Saul arrives at the scene and a woman rattles off names of the deceased that as viewers we’ve come to know very well this season. And the number is horrific, with casualties upwards of two-hundred. When Saul doesn’t find Carrie’s name he’s told she’s missing, presumed dead. He’s also in charge as the highest ranking operative at the moment. But before he can start to work, he calls Carrie and begs her to call him back. Despite their argument, the man just fucking loves her like a father. It really got me. From here on out, I spent the rest of the episode yelling at Carrie to look at her phone (to no avail).

Carrie takes Brody to get his own forged documents at the same time as intimidating FBI agents visit the Brody house. Mike and Jessica are all too ready at this point to believe their implications, but once again my main man Dana fights the system, telling them that she knows Brody didn’t do it. She…just…knows. She’s intuitive, you see. I love Dana, more of you should.

Episode 212

mmmk… no but sweet

Okay so now I’m starting to get dizzy. This episode was not what I was expecting. My brain started overheating a bit. So I’m probably missing out on a few key scenes, but this is getting long anyway, so we’ll just go right to Brody and Carrie arriving at the border where there’s a fire trail and a twenty mile hike to her friend’s lake house? Yeesh.

They get out of the car and Carrie stops short. Brody realizes she’s not coming with him. She told him she planned to. But we all know she can’t. She has more work to do than ever now. Now, I know I’ve been rough on the Carrie and Brody relationship this episode, but this final scene definitely brought my softer side for them back. Their teary, tender, bittersweet goodbye was finally, painfully real and honest. A rare thing for these two. Carrie promised to clear his name, that it wasn’t goodbye, to which Brody responded with, “whatever hurts the least”. He kissed her forehead and bid her adieu with a “Goodbye love.” It was really something.


the CIA in ruins

Cut to Langley, where Saul is standing among two hundred sheet-laden dead bodies. He begins to say a Hebrew prayer. After a while we hear “Saul”, quietly, drowned out by his words. Then more insistent. “Saul.” He turns, his prayers truly answered, and smiles through shining tears a smile reserved only for the one person he wants to see alive. It’s Carrie.

It was an intense, sometimes uneven season. But a great sophomore run. Until next September, folks. Until then, you know all I want to know is where Brody ends up residing and if Peter super-hero Quinn will return. He better.


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