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‘This Is the End’ Trailer Drops Just in the Nick of Time

….you know, in case the world ends in 5 hours, Eastern Standard Time (universally acknowledged as the time zone, right?)

The long awaited Seth Rogen and clan film about the end of world in which they all play….themselves has released its first footage. This is perfect timing because a) the world might end tomorrow and their movie may never come out and b) hahahahahaha because apocalypse movie.

As my favorite genre ever, I love any and all things where the world gets endy.

Check it out, complete with a Rogen/Franco bromance-in-a-bunker intro.


Be sure to check out Eva’s apocalypse movie countdown later tonight (or tomorrow, providing there’s internet in hell). It’s more serious – I mean Hilary Swank has to get to the core of the Earth! – but just as awesome.


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