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Deception; or How Not to Make a Pilot

Now I am not one to judge too harshly. I understand that not every television show is meant for every person. There is a reason there’s The Good Wife, Family Guy, Revenge, Happy Endings and Ax Men all on at the same time. There are even people who watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo although for the life of me I will never understand why. But there are times that a show, a pilot, is just bad. Just should not find an audience anywhere because there IS better material that could be using that time slot. For me, that latest misstep comes from none other than NBC (who let’s face it, is really hit or miss all too often) and its name is Deception.

The premise sounds promising, a young hot cop Joanna Locasto (Meagan Good) goes back to the family whose house her mother worked at and she grew up in when her old resident best friend Vivian Bowers shows up dead under slightly suspicious circumstances (overdose but quit using, family business a bit shady, older brother who is even shadier). The Patriarch of the Bowers clan is Victor Garber (of Alias fame), Tate Donovan plays the creepy older brother Edward and Wes Brown plays the hot younger one Julian. Its got crime, scandal, intrigue, eye candy… or at least it should have all those things. But the mystery is dull (Julian has the ring that left a mark on his sister’s dead face) and that mostly is a writing issue. The characters are unbelievable and thats mostly and acting issue. It’s trying to seem more scandalous than it is (ooooohhh the younger sister is actually Vivians daughter, oooohhhh Joanna is caught in a love triangle with Julian and her ex-partner-turned-handler) and I just don’t believe any of it.

Julian (hot younger brother), Joanna (undercover cop/”family friend”), Mia (younger sister/actually niece)

Now I may be wrong, Deception may turn out to be one of those shows that’s tweaked after the pilot and actually turns out to be pretty awesome (even I can admit TVD got much better after the first 4 episodes, New Girl revamped after the pilot and got became hilarious and a hit). And to be honest most pilots are not the cream of the season’s crop. It’s job is to establish the characters, the story and get the viewer if not immediately hooked than at least intrigued. Let’s just say I’ll be tuning into just about ANYthing else on the boob tube Mondays at 10. 


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