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3 Shows, 5 Episodes: Don’t Trust the Happy New Girl, A Weekly Sitcom Recap

With Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B– airing twice a week plus New Girl I for reallllz have no idea how to do recaps of all the hilarity. So I decided to do a little “best of” recap-u-let each week that will dole out prizes to various moments from the past week in sitcom glory. This should come on Wednesday-Friday but I just thought of the idea so I’m orchestrating this a little late. Bear with me.

What was on this past week:

Sunday, January 6th: Don’t Trust the B— 2×08 “Paris”, Happy Endings 2×08 “Fowl Play/Date”
Tuesday, January 8th: Don’t Trust the B– 2×09 “Scarlet Neighbor”, Happy Endings 2×09 “Ordinary Extraordinary Love”, New Girl 2×12 “Cabin”

Best Non-Plot Related Moment: Happy Endings“Fowl Play/Date”: The gang goes on a convention riff-fest after Alex announces she’s going to the Rom-Com Con only to be shut down by a neighboring table who tells them to stfu. Hilarity, followed by some brilliant meta.

Best Running Joke: Happy Endings “Ordinary Extraordinary Love”: The ‘what kind of gay are you’ plot/joke was a good one. Complete with Jane being that way-too-excited straight girl and all of the themed bars. Best one: a tie between Ginger Snaps (Gingers who snap in Z formation) and Chameleons (actual seemingly empty club where people just blend into the wall).

Best One Liner: Don’t Trust the B— “Scarlet Neighbor”: Chloe to June: “Oh. I guess it’s always going to be flour with you.” Because…what? but also HA.

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Funniest Moment: New Girl “Cabin”: EVERYTHING about Nick Miller drunk on absinthe.








Best Pairing of the Week: Happy Endings“Fowl Play/Date”: Penny and Brad, who don’t get to interact with each other one on one that often had an entire storyline to themselves and it. was. fantabulous! These two are oddly similar to each other. They’re definitely the show’s most melodramatic, so when they kill Alex’s parrot, Tyler, it’s like hell broke loose backstage at the high school musical. Complete with dancing, slapping and lots of freak outs and high, screechy voices.

So Wrong it’s Right: New Girl “Cabin”: Schmidt wants Winston to feel free to be black, so naturally Winston plays Schmidt for a fool and has him drive them to the ghetto to score some crack. When Schmidt has a black guy get in the car all parties involved assume they’re being robbed. A ridiculous play on stereotypes that’s so blunt it seems plain wrong to be laughing so hard.

Best Plotline: Happy Endings “Fowl Play/Date”: Brad and Penny accidentally break Alex’s favorite hand imprint plate that she eats birthday cake off of every night. Though their plot isn’t about the plate, which is fixed in a cinch due to industrial strength glue which then kills Alex’s racist parrot, Tyler. Alex returns, mourns Tyler, holds a funeral and orders a bird autopsy. Brad and Penny can’t stand it anymore and come clean, as its revealed that racist Tyler died of complications of alcohol consumption….just as a slideshow of Alex and Tyler partying and drinking margs shows up on the TV behind her. Haha. This show.There’s really nothing better than a sitcom riffing on a criminal cover up with something ridiculous, like a racist parrot’s death. Classic.










Best Episode of the Week: Happy Endings “Fowl Play/Date”: A true to form episode that featured one ridiculous storyline for characters to obsess over and be deliriously self-involved and another storyline that featured a Happy Endings classic: “two characters enter a competition to help another character but really it’s to be completely self-involved and win”. The episode stuck to its writing strengths while mixing up the character pairings, making for a lot of fresh comedy to be found.


Happy Endings “Fowl Play/Date” 4 pts.
New Girl “Cabin” 2 pts.
Happy Endings “Ordinary Extraordinary Love”1 pt.
Don’t Trust the B– “Scarlet Neighbor”1 pt.
Don’t Trust the B— 2×08 “Paris o pts.


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