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Linktastic: A Weekly Round-up of Good Internet Reads

There’s some good reading out there in the media-sphere this week! Check out the round-up below and click, but don’t forget to come back.

  • The Nation has a piece on the similarities and differences between the broke Hannah on Girls and poor Fiona on Shameless. A good read for the working 20-something who also watches awesome women on cable television.
  • Nathaniel Rogers at The Film Experience finally posted his Top 10 films of 2012!
  • Kris Tapley over at HitFix posted a love letter review of “Mud”, Jeff Nichols’ follow up to Take Shelter starring Matthew McConaughey and showing at Sundance.
  • The Les Mis cast may or may not be performing at the Oscars, but the Daily Mail says they will be. Jury’s still out.
  • Showtime’s The Borgias debuted its first look at season 3. Is the kinda hot, super taboo relationship between siblings Cesare and Lucrezia actually going to happen?! Because yes please. Sue me, it’s TV.
  • Finally, The New York Times has this super stellar piece on film in the age of Obama.
  • WMagazine highlights 33 of the best performances of 2012. Stars interviewed by Lynn Hirschberg and photographed by Juergen Teller.

Happy reading everyone, may your brains be ever filled with intelligent (and some times gratuitous) media nonsense.


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