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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Returns to Rebekah Emotionally Ruining Everyone


So let’s jump right in. 4×10. “After School Special”.

High school eulogy for Mama Lockwood. Buzzkill. Tyler’s angry-moody and Elena wigs out. Caroline and Bonnie are concerned for both, respectively, Bonnie for Elena and Care for Tyler because let’s be real, Caroline pretty much hates Elena right now.

Oh look!  New guy! They know him but we sure don’t. I’m guessing he either a) causes trouble or b) causes trouble and then dies.



April knows about the vampyyyyres and Elena is confused, before Rebekah shows up to have some fun.




Caroline calls her BFF Stefan, but isn’t takin’ none of his self-pity, drinking in the middle of the day shit because she has Tyler to worry about. Get it together BFF!Stefan! Semi-serious question though, did he just forget that the entire reason that he and Elena broke up was because of her feelings for Damon? Why didn’t he see it coming? Did he expect Damon to just not bone Elena? Or Elena to just not bone Damon? I’m so confused.







Meanwhile, Rebekah traps Elena in the school library and April needs to sort out her priorities.


Oh, and Jeremy’s dong this: normal_236—>

while Damon listens to voice-mails from Elena over and over and over and then pauses to criticize Jer’s abilities and then sasses Matt. Ahhh, bromance in the woods.

Cute woodsy pizza girl drops off some pizza too.

And the new interim mayor is Bonnie’s dad! Didn’t see that one coming! (Yes I did).



Rebekah also traps Caroline and Stefan in the library and compels everyone to stay put and – yikes! – to tell the truth. She’s especially mad about this most recent betrayal and daggering I guess and looks fierce for a rousing round of Breakfast Clubbing.

Stefan gives his best stink-eye sassy look and soon it all comes out that he and Elena broke up (Rebekah inwardly rejoices) and that Stef knows she slept with Damon. Elena gives Caroline the stink-eye ‘can’t believe u” look and Caroline just kinda looks stressed.



At the cabin, boys retreat becomes infinitely better when Klaus shows up! Don’t forget ’bout meee. And he’s looking mighty chipper after being betrayed by all of his hybrids and slaughtering bunches of people on Christmas. God, I love him.

But he’s not super chipper about the fact that Jer isn’t killing vamps. Training? Lame. We all know about Klaus’ problems with patience.


normal_778Back at the library, Elena’s gettin’ ruuuuul tired of the sire-bond shit and since she has to tell the truth, she sassily sets the record straight that she didn’t sleep with Damon because of it, but because she’s in love with him. BOOM.

Not only that, Rebekah has her go down the laundry list of reasons why she feels the way she does about Damon and why her feelings for Stefan have waned.

Everyone’s upset.

And albeit a little expositional, her reasons are spot on and not only what this season has been conveying to us, but also what a certain breed of shippers think. Now, Stelena shippers undoubtedly had a hard time with this, but I’m glad Julie decided to lay it out on the line as bluntly as possible. It’s setting up some real drama and some real interesting and dynamic change in the triangle. No matter who you ship, if you’re a fan of television in general, changing it up is always the right choice. Especially after 3 seasons of more or less the same triangle dynamic, despite Damon slowly creepin’ up. Kudos, Julie.

So, after that whoa factor, Bonnie’s ranting about something boring to Professor Shane and looking mighty cute while she acts like she doesn’t want to make out with him. To be honest, I have no idea what either of them ever say to each other. I hear nothing but ‘just kiss!”

PAUSE! Kol’s back! normal_887

aaaand he distracts Bonnie with his swag just long enough to kidnap Professor Shane.
[RESUME regular programming]

 Rebekah lures Tyler to the school and Kol shows up with Shane. But back at the cabin Damon and Klaus have a fireside chat and Klaus basically tells Damon he’s disappointed in his recent castration. But no worries, Klaus took matters into his own hands and totes turned the cute pizza girl so Jeremy could kill her. How sweeeet.

Shane fangirls over the Originals until he realizes they’re kinda mean and Tyler shows up being all “hey boo” but Rebekah compels him to turn. But by turning, he’ll kill everyone since the vamps – upon compulsion – can’t leave the building. Uhhh, duh, says Rebekah. Man, his mom just died. Tough week for Tyler.

Bonnie attempts a protection spell for Shane, who’s being tortured by Kol for info about the cure or something. April watches, but turns out the spell linked April and Shane and she starts like coughing up water and experiencing whatever he is. Hmm, some use for her I guess. Shane then tells Kol and Rebekah his plan to resurrect Silas who would in turn raise the dead (ohhh i c, his dead wife and all that jazz). Kol is like no way, that shit be cray. And Rebekah is all, but I want a cuuuure. Kol stabs him and April starts bleeding and Stefan feeds her blood annormal_1702d Shane lives. So yeah.There’s that.

Elena wants to talk and Stefan is all “how many ways can you rip my heart outttt” but then he does her one better when Rebekah offers to take all of his memories of Elena away and he’s all “DO IT!” Damnnnn son. Elena is shocked and hurt, but Steffy is so hurt and angry that he doesn’t care. I like this Stefan. It’s selfish and kinda rude, but it’s more human that perfect, selfless, amazing super-hero Stefan.

And the kicker is that Rebekah gets that out of him and then says no! Ten points for you Rebekah, getting your revenge and emotionally ruining everyone around you. She tells them they can go, and Elena goes after Stefan but he just walks briskly away. Ouch.

Bonnie and Shane talk about about something…black magic aka “expression” or something? And for a second there it really seemed like they were going to kiss. Ugh.

  normal_1898Elena calls Damon and they’re being cute over the phone and then she’s all “I love you I love you I loooove you” and it’s the single most beautiful moment I have ever seen on this glorious show! Because no one picks Damon. No one chooses him. No one has ever truly loved Damon Salvatore. And damn you Ian Somherhalder and your face for knowing and expressing everything about his character so perfectly. And now she’s telling him with so much confidence and so much energy and inspiration and wonderment that it’s the most real thing she’s ever felt in her entire life.

Damon Salvatore is loved by the girl of his dreams everyone.
This face. Rejoice.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 2.16.48 PM[RESUME]

Damon tells Elena that he’s going to get the cure for her, but he’ll have to do difficult things. He knows difficult times are ahead, but right now nothing matters except that Elena loves him, so he tells her to get in her car and come to him. She’ll be there soon, she says.

normal_2019But never fear, doom looms around every corner. Sassy on-a-bender Stef returns (yay!) and he wants to team up with Rebekah because they both hate their brothers and everyone else looking for the cure has some sort of asset except for them. Poor souls.

Also April is obsessed with people telling the truth and goes to Sheriff Forbes and Bonnie’s dad. I was confused slash not listening.

Meanwhile Klaus is chillin’ in a bar full of dead people. This guy. So lonely. Caroline just date him already! But he turned all of them for Jeremy to kill and Damon concurs even though he knows it’ll be too much to handle and his boo Elena is on her way to make sweet sweet “I’m in love with you” love to him. Well, at least Klaus is happy…


Until Next Time! AKA later this weeeeek…..


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