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Sorry, or Where I’ve Been For The Last Nine Months

So I don’t know how many readers I’ve got out there but if you were following Mediasplosion and were disappointed when Erin and I stopped posting, we apologize to you. As you all may know your real life can get in the way of your virtual one and that is what happened to us. Erin got a promotion and some new responsibilities at work so she will most likely not be posting here anymore. But if you would like to still read her work (and you definitely should), check out http://movieclipsblog.wordpress.com/ where she’ll be doing a weekly TV roundup!

On the other hand, you’ve got me back! And boy have I missed you all! Between starting a new job, moving from NY to back in with my parents to now finally into Philly I have been having a crazy hectic life! But of course I have still managed to watch just about everything under the sun! I am going to do my best to post back here a couple times of week with my usual rambling thought on Movies, TV or just about anything that catches my fancy. If you’ve got something you’d like to here my opinion about (and you know I’ve got one about just about everything that goes on a screen) let me know on the comments section!

Hope you all are glad to see me back!

May you all have many sleepless marathon watching nights,



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