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My Fantasy Emmys: 2013

Seeing as how the 2013 Emmys are oh, less than 24hrs away, I thought I’d put in my 2 cents. And seeing as how this is my blog and I get to write whatever I want this post isn’t going to be about who I think they’re going to give the award to tomorrow night but rather who I want to win. I’m more than likely going to have a losing percentage. But just for here, for right now, I get to live in my own perfect television award world. So come join me!

Lead Actress-Drama

This category I actually find very hard. I am rooting for Connie Britton because I still want her to win for FNL and Michelle Dockery because Lady Mary had a very tough year and she played it with amazing poise, elegance and just the right amount of humor. But I am going to have to give it to Kerry Washington! Not only was Scandal’s sophomore year amazing and leaving me begging for the third, but because I think Olivia Pope is just about one of the coolest, smartest and best dressed female character on television right now! Plus if you can pull off sleeping with the married President, committing fraud against the USA and out talk just about everyone in DC without somehow ever losing your moral high ground, you deserve an Emmy.

Lead Actor-Drama

This one is between two for me. Kevin Spacey because both he and House of Cards were totally boss. Whenever he broke the 4th wall I thought he did so brilliantly and his southern accent was just ridiculous enough it worked and mad e me forget about every other character he’s ever played. But I really got to give it to Jeff Daniels from The Newsroom I know this show gets a lot of slack and that it could be better than it is. But to me, Aaron Sorkin is a a god (right up there with Joss Whedon and Julie Plec) and Will McAvoy is about the only person who makes me want to watch the news. He is honest, caring, slightly goofy and just arrogant enough to make me believe he is as smart as he’s made out to be.

Supporting Actress-Drama

I really want to give this to Maggie Smith because, lets all be honest, she steals every scene she’s in as the Dowager Countess. And she’s Maggie Smith for goodness sake!

Supporting Actor-Drama

I don’t really have my own opinion about this one because I don’t watch Boardwalk Empire or Breaking Bad (I know, I know, stop throwing stones I am going to watch it eventually). I only think that Peter Dinklage shouldn’t win it again because he didn’t do enough for me this season to measure up to the brilliance that was last season. Still love Tyrion though!

Outstanding Drama-I would really honestly give it to House of Cards but I am fairly certain Breaking Bad is going to win.

As for the Comedy categories,  THERE ARE NO NEW GIRL NOMINATIONS!!!! And that is all I am going to say about that!

Once again I think there are great things in the Miniseries/TV Movie section (though I still think they deserve separate categories) Lead Actress is in a dead between Sigourney Weaver and Elisabeth Moss. If you haven’t seen Political Animals or Top of the Lake, their respective programs and once again dead heat for me for Emmy for Best Miniseries, you are really missing out on quality work. The good news? They’re both on Netflicks!

And Benedict Cumberbatch takes the trophy for Lead Actor for me because though I haven’t seen Parade’s End yet, he should be honored for just about everything he does. He is just that good!


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