Hey! Hey you. Get off that couch, potato! and don’t just mindlessly consume what you watch and walk away. That’s SO nineties. Here at mediasplosion, any and everything I watch is fair game and I’m discussing it (whether I have readers or not). You’ll find film reviews, TV recaps, lists, awards coverage, news commentary, throwbacks and more.

About Eva: The amount of television I watch would seem like an impossible feat for a normal person. But for me, the super powered (super obsessed) person that I am, it is as easy as pie. I value the art, the goof, the snuff, the action, the geek and the brain in it all. That’s not to say that I don’t have standards (you won’t see any discussion of Honey Boo-Boo here unless its to lament the downfall of humanity) but my range IS farther than the average joe’s. I also love a heated Oscar race, a good comic book empire and the occasional Rom-Com.


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