What Eva’s Watching

P104031412/12/12—- The date everyone’s so excited about because it looks so cool will henceforth be known as the day I finally, FINALLY, start a media blog. And with my best friend way over in the east coast no less!

And while Erin is going into 7th Heaven making her lists (checking them twice) for awards season. Making her predictions, getting ready to yell at every other critic who she thinks has it wrong, (I find it easier to let that beast lie and mostly side with her); I am in the 2nd circle of Hell. Why you may be asking yourself (and by you I mean our 3 friends we have so far made read our blog). It’s because there is NOTHING on television. The Crazy 5 as I like to call them, mostly because they tend to drive me crazy, are currently or about to be on their winter hiatuses for about the next 6 weeks. Which means my lengthy TV schedule gets a serious cut. And I do mean lengthy. Because while I do concede the Film crown to Erin, she being far superior in her historical, technical, thematic and overall knowledge of film, I am the Queen of Television. The number of shows I am currently following, as in have aired in the last couple weeks and not including shows starting their seasons soon, about 50. The number of shows where I can name at least 3 actors, characters, plot lines or sing the theme song for; ALL OF THEM. I’m pretty much not kidding at all. Hence the towering crown I plan to make for myself. Time suck? Yes. But waste of time? I like to think it just means I’m an expert in something. But you can be the judge.


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