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McConaughey’s “Mud” debuts at Sundance, first trailer released

Jeff Nichols’ follow up to 2011’s Take Shelter (for which Michael Shannon deserved a nomination and was one of the year’s best) debuted at Cannes last year and is making its American debut at Sundance this week. Looks like McConaughey is continuing his 2012 golden streak into 2013, and that’s fine by me. The once Romcom and bad action movie star has gone indie and has made bold, interesting choices that showcase the promise he showed way back when in Dazed and Confused.

Mud looks like one part thriller, one part character study and one part Stand By Me. I’m liking Reese Witherspoon in a roughed up role too. Plus Nichols’ buddy, Michael Shannon. Check out the trailer below and get excited. Kristopher Tapley over at HitFix said he was bowled over. Over the moon! Yikes I wish I were at Sundance right now!

Here are 2 official clips from the movie as well:


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